Schools and Programmes
Dengshikou, Beijing: Language Link School and China Head Office

We have operated out of this school since we first came to Beijing over 10 years ago. We provide small and intimate English classes with foreign English teachers. We teach General English, Exam English (Trinity, IELTS, TOEFL etc.), Phonics, and Business English.

This school is also where we do the Cambridge CELTA course. We train both foreign teachers and Chinese teachers to teach English to adults and achieve an internationally recognised teaching qualification.

Fengtai, Beijing: Yihai Primary School

We have been teaching in Yihai Primary School since 2012. This primary school is very popular with teachers because it has a great schedule and the students are exceptional. Classes are medium sized at between 20 to 30 students and every class has 3 lessons a week with their foreign teachers. There is a full-time Director of Studies on hand to provide support and training to the teachers.

Xinglong, Beijing: London English School

This school has been open for over 5 years and in that time we have helped many students improve their oral English, and achieve high grades in English examinations like the Cambridge GESE Trinity exams and IELTS. All the classrooms have interactive whiteboards and the school has both foreign and Chinese teachers. We keep the classes small with a maximum of 8 students, and there are 1 to 1 classes for students who want more intensive study.

Binnan, Shijiazhuang: London English School

We have just opened a Language School in Hebei’s capital city: Shijiazhuang. This brand-new school boasts modern teaching facilities with interactive whiteboards, and teaching assistants in all classes. The school caters to a range of learners, from pre-school to adults. We provide our own language courses, using the Language Link Tiddly Link, Uplink, and Super Link textbooks. We also do exam courses and have a choice of either foreign teachers or Chinese teachers.

Fengtai, Beijing: Yihai Kindergarten (Yihai International School)

We have been teaching in Yihai Kindergarten since September 2016. The program follows the Montessori approach to kindergarten learning. As well as teaching English our foreign teachers, with support from Chinese teaching assistants, spend the whole day with the students doing a range of activities, including arts and crafts, games and sports, and general play. We follow the British EYFS guiding principles to ensure our learners are progressing in all aspects of child development.

Dengshikou, Beijing: No.24 Middle School

We have been teaching in No.24 Middle School since September 2016. The school is very famous in Beijing and has been recently remodelled with modern facilities. Classes have around 30 students and a Chinese teaching assistant assists the foreign teacher in every class. In addition to teaching teachers support the students in preparing English performances and in their general studies.