Up Link and Super Link

Well designed courses

These courses have been designed in a highly structured and supportive manner, providing a full course of study with various interesting and complimentary parts. Each of Up Link and Super Link consist of 10 Student Books, with Up Link covering the ages 7 to 12, and Super Link 12 to 17. Each book can be studied over a full semester.

Up Link and Super Link courses are further supported by Homework Books and Self – Study On Line components.


Student books

Student books: Each page of the Student’s Book represents a 45 minute lesson. Two pages can be taught together for a 90 minute lesson, and three pages for longer sessions when required.


Teacher Books

The Student Books are supported by Teacher Books, in which teacher lesson plans are provided for each single page of the Students Book. The lesson plans are step-by-step, minute-by-minute teaching guides that show teachers how to teach each part of the student book. The lesson plans include supplementary activities, tips and advice for teachers. Newly graduated teachers with little experience will find the lesson plans to be a golden resource that will provide on-the-job training, and they also serve as a time saver and strong foundation for experienced teachers to expand upon further.


Homework Books

Homework books are directly linked to the Students Books, with each two pages of the Students Book being reflected in one page of the Homework book. The Homework Books provide direct revision and practice of in-class lessons with various activities including: grammar and structure quizzes; vocabulary building; reading & writing practice; crosswords and word finding games; sentence and paragraph development activities; minor research tasks in which students find out about new words and phrases. The homework books can be used flexibly, as homework, as revision, as test preparation, or as an in-class resource.


Online Study

The online study course is also directly linked and integrated into the in-class program. It is meant to be studied immediately after in – class lessons, to provide immediate revision and extension, reinforcing classroom learning and challenging students further with extended activities.

The on-line course includes various exciting types of activities that will engage students and make learning at home fun and engaging. The course also focuses on accuracy and success. Students must succeed at each section before moving onto the next stage. The online course has been developed using an intuitive design method that is both fun and discovery focused.

In combination, the Online Course and Homework Books provide students with ample resources to continue to learn English even when they are not in class. This is critical as the learning process is activated by regular and various engagement.