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Entry Requirements

To be considered for the Language Link CELTA programme you are required to meet the following critera:
a level of education equivalent to enable entry into higher education
 a sufficient command of written and spoken English language to enable you to complete all aspects of the course
 to possess a level of mental and physical ability conducive to completing all aspects of, and coping with the demands of the course.
 be at least 20 years old by the start date of the course.

Candidates aged between 18 and 20 can be accepted at the centre’s discretion, but must meet all of the above criteria considerations.

Non-native speakers of English are welcome to apply for the CELTA course. They will need to demonstrate that their level of English, both spoken and written, is sufficient to be able to cope with the demands of the course. A near-native-speaker competence is required.

  • Online (blended) CELTA Course Introduction

    Online (blended) CELTA Course

    This new method of delivery is a flexible way to take CELTA, combining flexible self-study with online tutor support and live practical teaching experience.


    The Cambridge CELTA Course Online follows the same syllabus and leads to the same internationally recognised certificate as the face-to-face course. Like the intensive CELTA, it gives equal emphasis to theory and practical teaching.

    Cambridge CELTA Course Online
    explores the principles of effective teaching
    develops a range of practical skills for teaching English to adult learners 
    provides essential hands-on teaching practice


    Input sessions are presented via the online platform and in a flexible format making the Cambridge CELTA Course Online ideal for people with busy lives. As a trainee, you will be able to:

    study at your own pace

    plan your study around work and other commitments

    spend more time reflecting on and developing your learning


    Online learning provides you with greater choice and convenience. You will be able to access the course materials and complete the tasks from any location (in China or abroad) provided you have a reliable Internet connection. Benefits of the Cambridge CELTA Course Online include:

    • materials accessible online at any time

    • continued online tutor support

    • no special software required

    • less time spent travelling to and from the centre

    What does the course entail?

    The Cambridge CELTA Course Online is a blended course. Though the course is primarily completed off-site, this means the course is made up of both online and face-to-face components.

    Online Face-to-Face

    Input sessions

    Online tutor and peer support

    Qualified teacher observations



    Teaching practice

    Teaching practice feedback

    Qualified teacher observations

    This is where effective teaching English as a foreign language methodology and associated techniques and strategies are presented to you. Every week two to four input sessions are made accessible online. The number of weekly input sessions depends on whether you have chosen to do a three or four-month course. The input sessions are interactive and tutor and peer support is available to assist you with these. Provided you access the input materials within the specified time, you are free to choose how you manage your time.

    Online tutor and peer support

    The Cambridge CELTA Course Online aims to provide you with opportunities for both individual and collaborative learning. You should not feel isolated at any time. You are encouraged to discuss problems, seek clarification on queries and generally discuss the input and teaching practice with your peers and your allocated tutor via the use of live rooms (virtual teaching classrooms), e-mail and forums.

    Qualified teacher observations

    The best way to do is to see it done. As such, it is a Cambridge requirement that you carry out 6 hours of qualified and experienced teacher observations. These are split into two types: online and live.

    The online observations are set in a manner similar to how input sessions are administered. The online course tutor makes the lesson videos available and you watch (in the comfort of your home) while completing a guided observation task.

    The live observations are done at the teaching centres (Beijing or Shanghai). These are organised in the weeks when you are scheduled to carry out your teaching practice so that no additional visits to the teaching centre are required. These observations have a dual purpose: to see the methodology in action and to allow you to get to know the students you will be teaching.


    As with the face-to-face CELTA, you must complete 4 written assignments. These are rather practical in nature and very closely linked to input and teaching practice sessions. You will receive clear guidance on what is required for each assignment and have ample opportunity to ask questions and seek advice.


    For progress to be made, regular evaluation is required. Accordingly, you will be assigned a course tutor who will track your progress on the course and meet with you online to discuss it.


    Teaching practice (Further information about exact dates for each course, please click here)

    One of the reasons behind the success of CELTA is its strong practical element, giving trainees confidence and showing employers that they already have experience of teaching adult learners.

    Cambridge CELTA Course Online uses exactly the same model of face-to-face supervised lesson planning, teaching practice, evaluation and feedback as the “traditional” course.

    Depending on whether you select the three or four-month programme, you will have to visit the teaching centres in Beijing or Shanghai for two nine-day scheduled periods.

    You will learn to apply theory to practice by teaching classes of adult learners organised into practice groups. You must complete six hours of assessed teaching practice. This involves teaching on at least eight occasions and observing the teaching of other trainees in the teaching practice group. You will teach learners at a minimum of two different levels, one of which will be lower than intermediate and the other intermediate level or higher.

    Teaching practice feedback

    Your online and teaching practice tutors work together to ensure a close link between theory and practice. You will receive feedback on your teaching from your teaching practice tutor and your peers. Feedback is constructive and designed to provide you with the awareness and tools required of an effective English language teacher.

    Want to know more?

    Furtherr information about course dates and fees please visit:

    Visit the Cambridge CELTA Online website:
    You can find more detailed information about Cambridge CELTA Course Online and view the full syllabus at

    For further information about the course offered by Language Link China, please email Ash Tien at or call her on 86 17600864606.

    Full-time and Online/CELTA course Main Features Compare

     Course Structure

    Full-time Intensive CELTA

    Online/Blended CELTA

    Course aims

    The two attendance modes have identical course aims.


    The two attendance modes share a common syllabus.

    Course length

    4-5 weeks

    12 weeks or 16 weeks

    Course timetable


    Input sessions:
    completed online
    Teaching practice:
    2 mornings/evenings per week or 2~3 one-week scheduled periods

    Input sessions

    2 per day delivered at the centre

    2-3 per week delivered through the online platform

    Teaching practice

    6 hours of assessed teaching carried out daily at the

    6 hours of assessed teaching carried out weekly at the centre


    4 written assignments

    Support from tutors

    Tutorials, feedback, daily Q&A

    Tutorials, feedback, daily Q&A via forums and e-mail, live room workshops


    6 hours of qualified and experienced teachers:
    3 hours live lessons
    3 hours pre-recorded lessons


    Certificates issued by Cambridge do not state the mode of attendance.














  • 4-week Intensive CELTA Course Introduction

    Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages is a hugely diverse and highly rewarding career. It offers you the chance to meet and work with people from all over the world. It also provides you with the opportunity to live and work abroad. As with any other profession, teaching demands a wide range of skills. The internationally recognized CELTA provides the foundation on which to build and improve these. Your CELTA certificate will help you to secure a teaching position here in China, Asia and anywhere else in the world.

    Who is CELTA for?

    People starting a career in English language teaching
    If you are considering a career in English Language Teaching CELTA will prove to be an invaluable asset finding a good teaching position in the country where you live or anywhere in the world. As a university or college graduate, consider CELTA as an introductory foundation programme to learn about the fundamentals of language teaching practice. CELTA provides candidates with the skills and tools to stage and manage effectively in the classroom. Its practical slant sets it apart from theory-driven courses.
    People looking for a career change or career break
    CELTA candidates are often professionals, who are either looking for a new opportunity or who want to take a break from their existing career. Many seek the exciting opportunities of living and working in a new environment. No matter whether you wish to teach English for the short or long term, CELTA gives you the training you need to be successful in a dynamic and challenging profession.
    People already teaching English without formal qualifications
    People who have sampled the profession without teaching qualifications often feel a need to formally upgrade their skills and receive the benefit of input and feedback. Those wishing to be considered for promotion and examining positions may be required by employers to gain a practical teaching qualification such as CELTA.  Here at Language Link, we can sharpens your awareness of effective teaching methods, confirm your ability, and improve your chances of obtaining desired promotion within your existing organization or a better teaching position elsewhere.
     People who want to work in Further, Adult and Community Education in England and Wales
    CELTA is also the first phase of the level 5 Diploma in Teaching English (ESOL) in the Lifelong Learning Sector. This qualification is a requirement for teachers who wish to work in this sector in England and Wales.

    What does the CELTA involve?
    The course consists of 120 hours of intensive study over four weeks from Monday - Friday 9.00am - 6.00pm. In addition to the daily schedule, trainees will be expected to spend at least 3 hours per evening on: lesson preparation, homework, research, reading, writing assignments.

    There are five main assignment focus areas
    • learners and teachers, and the teaching and learning context
    • language analysis and awareness
    • language skills: reading, listening, speaking and writing
    • planning and resources for different contexts
    • developing teaching skills and professionalism.
    You will be assessed throughout the course, with no final examination. An external assessor, appointed by Cambridge ESOL, moderates each course.

    There are two components of assessment:
    Teaching Practice
    At Language Link, you will teach a range of different lessons for a total of six hours, spread over four weeks. You will be working with classes at two distinct levels of ability.  A system of continuous assessment is implemented, based on your overall performance over the six hours.

    Written Assignments
    Candidates complete four practical written assignments on the following themes:

    identifying needs for language learners – and selecting materials to aid their development
    analyzing language for the classroom;
    Staging lesson activities to develop receptive and productive skills
    A reflective assignment summary of teaching strengths and areas for continued improvement

    Candidates must complete the course and attain a pass grade in order to be issued the Certificate. There are three passing grades – Pass, Pass ‘B’ and Pass ‘A’.

    Requirements of the CELTA include:
    • 100% attendance
    • Completion of 4 written assignments (750 words/each)
    • 6 hours of observing experienced teachers over the four weeks of the course
    • Completion of a portfolio of lesson planning documentation

    Find more about 2020 course dates and fees:

    Learn more about the CELTA syllabus:

    The CELTA syllabus is available for download from the Cambridge CELTA website at:

    Download CELTA application form:

  • Entry Requirements

    To be considered for the Language Link CELTA programme you are required to meet the following critera:
    a level of education equivalent to enable entry into higher education
     a sufficient command of written and spoken English language to enable you to complete all aspects of the course
     to possess a level of mental and physical ability conducive to completing all aspects of, and coping with the demands of the course.
     be at least 20 years old by the start date of the course.

    Candidates aged between 18 and 20 can be accepted at the centre’s discretion, but must meet all of the above criteria considerations.

    Non-native speakers of English are welcome to apply for the CELTA course. They will need to demonstrate that their level of English, both spoken and written, is sufficient to be able to cope with the demands of the course. A near-native-speaker competence is required.

  • CELTA course Dates and Fees

    2023 CELTA Courses


    Start Date

    End Date

    Teaching Practice Dates



    Aug 28

    Nov 3

    8 weekends

    100% online


    Sept 11

    Nov 10

    8 weekends

    100% online




    Coming soon


    Standard tuition fees*



    Tuition fee

    Face-to-face CELTA


    Includes the Cambridge moderation fee

    100% Online CELTA


     Includes the Cambridge moderation fee. Online license fee:RMB1,000.


    Language Link CELTA early-bird specials

    6 months before the start of the course

    1000RMB discount


    4 months before the start of the course

    700RMB discount


    3 months before the start of the course

    500RMB discount


    * Please note, the standard tuition fees do not apply to candidates enrolling through agencies or other intermediaries.

    If you have any further enquiries or require additional information please contact:


    Tel: 86-10-6523 2269 (CELTA Beijing office) or 86-17600864606 (CELTA admin)

  • Download application Form

    The CELTA course application procedure:

    1. Complete the application form and pre-interview task and email them to us, along with a recent photo;
    2. Attend an interview with one of our course tutors for:
        •  a discussion of your completed task and your English language level and abilities,
        •  a full explanation of the requirements and expectations required of all CELTA trainees;
    3. Pay  a deposit (RMB 3,000 or equivalent) to secure a place, after acceptance, on the course;
    4. Pay of the fee balance at least a month before the course starts.

        Download the CELTA Application Form & Pre-Interview Task Sheet .
        LL China CELTA Application and Pre-Interview Tasks

        If you have any difficulties with downloading, please contact:

    The screening Interview (approximately 45 minutes) is designed to further assess a candidate’s overall suitability for the CELTA course. This can be done by telephone, through Skype, or face to face for local applicants.

    Acceptance on the course is neither automatic nor guaranteed.

  • Your Typical CELTA Week

      Session 1 
    Session 2 
    Teaching Practice 
    Session 3 

    Session 4 

    Classroom management Introduction to lesson planning 
    Qualified teacher observation 
    Observation feedback 

    Assisted lesson planning

    Presenting language: situation and context Checking understanding: CCQs and timelines 
    Trainees ABC x 40mins each   
    TP feedback
    Assisted lesson planning
    Phonology I: sounds 
    Developing reading skills 
    Trainees DEF x 40mins each 
    TP feedback
    Assisted lesson planning 
    Lesson frameworks: test-teach-test 
    Assignment workshop 
    Trainees ABC x 40mins each 
    TP feedback

    Assisted lesson planning

    Oral correction
    Using authentic materials 
    Trainees DEF x 40mins each 
    TP feedback
     Assisted lesson planning 


    The CELTA course is made up of four components. Each week will focus on all four:
    • input sessions led by the course tutors
    • teaching practice
    • observations of experienced teachers
    • written assignments

    Input sessions focus on topics related to teaching methodology, language analysis and lesson planning. These include:
    English language structures and their functions
    Lesson and course planning
    Language acquisition and skills development in the ELT classroom
    Modern teaching methodology
    Classroom resources and materials

    Each trainee must complete 6 hours of teaching practice. You will be working with classes at two distinct levels of ability. This is your opportunity to use and develop the techniques, strategies and methodology focused upon in input sessions. You will receive support when planning and preparing your lessons and receive peer and tutor feedback. A system of continuous assessment is implemented, based on your overall performance over the six hours.

    As part of the course, you will also have the opportunity to observe qualified and experience teachers and be required to complete four practical written assignments on the following themes:
    • identifying needs of language learners and selecting materials to aid their development
    • analysing language for the classroom
    • staging lesson activities to develop receptive and productive skills
    • reflecting on teaching strengths and areas for continued development

    You will receive support in the completion of assignments in the form of dedicated workshops and question and answer sessions.

    • What does CELTA stand for?

      CELTA used to stand for Certificate in English Language Teaching for Adults it now "stands for" Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.
    • How does CELTA relate to TEFL/TESOL?

      'TEFL' or 'TESOL' are terms often used to describe qualifications for English language teachers. CELTA is the most widely taken initial TEFL/TESOL qualification of its kind in the world. It was previously known as the RSA Certificate and CTEFLA.
    • Who recognises CELTA?

      CELTA courses are approved and administered by Cambridge ESOL Teaching Awards, a part of the University of Cambridge. The qualification is recognised and accepted worldwide by organisations employing English language teachers. The Cambridge CELTA is also accredited by Ofqual (the regulator of qualifications, examinations and assessments in England) at level 5 on the National Qualifications Framework (equivalent to year 2 of a university degree). Cambridge ESOL also works with international ELT organisations to ensure the acceptance of CELTA globally.
    • Is there any difference in course content depending on where I take the course?

      Every single CELTA course in every single centre around the world is moderated by one of a team of assessors appointed by Cambridge ESOL. It is part of their job to guarantee the CELTA course covers the same syllabus and applies the same standards worldwide. It is the reliability provided by this system that contributes to the international reputation of the CELTA. However, all trainers are individuals and no two centres offer absolutely identical courses in terms of their timetabling and the specific materials used, for example.
    • How many trainees will there be on the course?

      CELTA regulations set a ratio of 6 trainees to 1 trainer. Most courses have a maximum of 12 trainees. This can rise to 18 at peak times of the year.
    • What should I prepare for my interview?

      As part of the application process, you will be required to complete a pre-interview task. Print out a copy for yourself and have it with you when you come to being interviewed. Your interviewer will refer to it and ask you additional grammar questions. The purpose of these is to establish your level of language awareness on one hand but also, and most importantly, to assess your level of English, your ability to think around problems and to work things out on the spot. Your interviewer will also ask you questions regarding your motivation for doing the course, your professional and educational background as well as your views on teaching and learning.
    • What's the average pass rate for the course?

      The pass rate at Language Link is in line with the international average. Internationally, 92% of candidates successfully complete the course, with around 20% obtaining a Pass B and 4% obtaining a Pass A. 3% of candidates fail and 5% withdraw. Should you withdraw or fail, you may re-apply 6 months after the issue of your results (or the results of the other course participants in case of withdrawal). You will have to complete the full application procedure and all relevant course fees will have to be paid. In case of withdrawal due to sudden illness or a similar emergency these requirements may be waived by the centre.
    • Will the CELTA prepare me for teaching children?

      Many of the approaches and techniques learned on the CELTA can be used directly, or adapted, for Young Learners. However, classroom management issues may be very different with this age group. As children (pre-teenage learners) learn in a completely different way, only some of the techniques will be relevant. Language Link China offers a two-week extension to the CELTA course, specialising in teaching Young Learners (YL Extension to CELTA), which provides teachers with a solid grounding for teaching children and younger teenagers. The YL Extension to CELTA, like the CELTA, is also certified by Cambridge ESOL.
    • Can I work during the course?

      The course is extremely intensive and will demand a lot of your time and energy. Any professional or personal commitments during the course are almost certain to have an adverse effect on your performance and may well compromise your final result.
    • How long does it take to find a job once I have finished the course?

      It depends. Some of our trainees start to look for jobs before they come to the course. We recommend you access ESL forums. Language Link gives preference to its own graduates and normally has teaching positions available. There is also plenty of demand for teachers in many cities and towns in China.
    • Is it necessary to find a teaching job at the start of the Chinese school year?

      Private language schools recruit all year round.
    • What visa should I get if I am not in China?

      Once you have secured your place on the course, we will issue you with an official course acceptance letter to assist you with your visa application.Please note, S (or student) visas are not suitable for CELTA trainees as they are issued only to those intending to study for 6 or more months.
    • What is the pre-course task? Why does it have a key?

      Once you have secured your place on the course, you will be sent a pre-course task. This task aims to guide your revision of language and introduce the key terms and concepts the course will focus on. It is designed to be a self-study exercise hence the provision of an answer key. The completion of the pre-course task will facilitate your progress on the course and is mandatory. You are expected to hand it in on the first day of the course. The trainers do not mark your pre-course task but, rather, make use of it to inform the planning and delivery of input sessions – tailoring these to the needs of specific CELTA cohorts.
    • Does Language Link provide accommodation during the course?

      We do not undertake to provide accommodation for you but it is not hard to find somewhere to stay in Beijing or Shanghai. Many trainees choose to stay in hostels or budget hotels. Another possibility is to rent an apartment through a property agent. However, very few landlords are willing to rent their flats for just one month so this option is only realistic if you are planning to stay longer. We will email you a list of affordable accommodation in the area and assist you with hotel bookings if required.
    • Are the course fees refundable?

      To secure a place on the course, you must pay a ¥3000 non-refundable deposit. Failure to complete full payment of the course fee one month before the course starts may mean you forfeit your place and your deposit. Should you decide not to take part in the course, and provided you inform the centre more than one month before the course is due to start, the balance of the course fee (minus the deposit) may be refunded but no refund will be made later than one month before the course start date without proof of sudden illness, injury or a similar emergency.
    • Is lack of grammatical knowledge a problem?

      The kind of grammar that is relevant to a language learner is usually not the kind of "grammar" you may have been taught at school if you are a native speaker. As a native English speaker, you already have solid knowledge of the grammar of your own language. However, what you may lack is the ability and terminology to explain it. Many people are in this situation when they start a CELTA course. Working your way through the pre-course task, which you will receive on acceptance, and having a look at one of the recommended grammar books before the course begins will give you extra grounding in this area.
    • Can I do the course if English is not my first language?

      Yes, the course is open to non-native speakers. No formal academic requirements to establish language proficiency are set but you must show that you have sufficient competence in both spoken and written English to cope with all the demands of the course. In practice, this means you need near native-speaker ability. It is worth remembering that as someone who has almost certainly studied the language formally, you may have an advantage over native speakers in some areas such as grammar knowledge.
    • Is age a factor?

      No. In fact, all over the world, many people in their 50s and 60s have successfully completed the course. Do remember, though, the longer you have been away from a learning environment, the more challenging you may find the learning curve expected of you. You may also find that you have a lot of unlearning to do with regard to teaching methodology and ideas about "correct" English. More mature candidates should approach the course with an open mind, and not underestimate how tiring the workload can be (even for the young and sprightly).
    • Do I need to be able to speak a foreign language?

      No, this is not a course requirement. Nor are you expected to know anything in advance about the language of the country where you are taking the course. The CELTA is designed to equip you to start teaching English through the medium of English anywhere in the world. However, you will find later that knowing something about your students’ native language helps you to understand their difficulties. Also, the experience of learning any foreign language is enormously helpful to a language teacher.
    • Are CELTA courses eligible for student loans?

      The CELTA course is not usually eligible for any kind of student loan. All prospective applicants requiring information on the possibility of loans or grants should request it from the appropriate authorities. The CELTA centre will not be able to aid you with this.
    • How early do I need to arrive in China (Beijing/Shanghai)?

      We will expect you on the morning of the first day of the course. You can decide how long before the course start you arrive. If travelling a long distance, trainees usually find they benefit from having a few days to settle in and get used to the time difference.
    • Who are the teaching practice students?

      The students you will teach in your teaching practice are Chinese adults who volunteer to attend lessons. They are highly motivated and have a genuine wish to study English. They are aware that you are trainee teachers. Most trainees find them very encouraging.
    • Should I bring my laptop?

      If you are used to having your laptop with you, you will almost certainly miss it if you do not bring it. The school has free wireless Internet connection and we do provide a few computers and a printer exclusively for trainee use. However, these can come under pressure at busy times during the course.
    • How soon after the course has finished can I leave?

      You can leave immediately after the course is over. We will email you a scanned copy of your course report on the first Monday after the course ends. Certificates usually take 4-8 weeks to arrive. We will post them to you or, if you are in Beijing, you can collect them from the CELTA centre.

    If you have any further enquiries or require additional information please contact:

     Email: or

    Tel: 86-10-5169 5591(CELTA Beijing office) or 86-17600864606 (Ash Tien CELTA admin)

  • Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA)

    Diploma in English Language Teaching to Adults (DELTA)

    The Delta Modules consist of advanced study of ELT teacher training. They are designed and produced by University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations, a part of the University of Cambridge. Cambridge ESOL has provided examinations in English for speakers of other languages since 1913 and offers an extensive range of examinations, certificates and diplomas for learners and teachers of English, taken by over 2 million people a year, in more than 130 countries.


    Who is Delta for?

    Delta Modules can be taken at any stage in a teacher’s career. They are suitable for in-service teachers of English in a variety of teaching contexts and are intended for an international audience of non-first language or first language teachers of English.


    Candidates taking Delta Modules One, Two and/or Three will normally have an initial ELT qualification and at least one year’s ELT experience but these are not requirements. The Delta Modules may also be taken by:

    • teachers who wish to refresh their teaching knowledge
    • teachers who wish to review and update their practice
    • teachers who wish to extend their expertise in a specialist area


    Achievement of the Delta Modules prepares teachers for more senior roles and facilitates progression to other qualifications such as MAs in Linguistics and Language Teaching. Some MA programmes will accept Delta credits.


    To access Delta Modules, you will need a level of English between Council of Europe C2/C1 (Proficiency/Advanced, minimum 7.5 IELTS score in each component).


    What does Delta involve?

    Delta consists of three modules, each of which is separately assessed. All three modules include a focus on both theory and practice though teaching is only directly assessed in Module Two.




    Assessment format


    Understanding Language, Methodology and Resources for Teaching

    A written examination consisting of two parts, each 1 hour and 30 minutes



    Developing Professional Practice

    Five assessed assignments incorporating background essays as well as observed and assessed teaching



    Extending Practice and ELT Specialism

    (e.g. Teaching young learners, English for special purposes, Teaching one-to-one)

    An extended assignment of 4,000-4,500 words



    You may take the modules individually and in any order. Although the modules are designed as a complementary set, you do not have to take all three modules but can select according to need.


    Module One

    The aim of Delta Module One is to extend and develop your knowledge and understanding of:

    • theoretical perspectives on language acquisition and language teaching
    • different approaches and methodologies including current developments
    • language systems and learners’ linguistic problems
    • language skills and learner problems
    • resources, materials and reference sources for language learning
    • key concepts and terminology related to assessment


    Module Two

    This module aims to develop your ability in the following areas:

    • working with language learners in a variety of learning contexts
    • preparation for teaching learners of English
    • evaluation, selection and use of resources and materials for teaching purposes
    • managing and supporting learning
    • evaluation of lesson preparation and teaching
    • observation and evaluation of other teachers’ lessons
    • professionalism and professional development


    Module Three

    This module aims to develop your knowledge of and competence in:

    • a chosen specialism
    • approaches to needs analysis
    • curriculum and syllabus design principles
    • different types of syllabus
    • course design and evaluation
    • assessment of learners


    * The full syllabus can be downloaded at


    Delta requirements

    It is not essential to do a course to enter for Modules One and Three. Candidates may either follow a course at Language Link or prepare for the examination / extended assignment independently. Module Two requires course attendance at Language Link so that teaching can be supported and assessed.


    If you wish to be entered for any or all three modules, you must register at Language Link.



    Successful candidates receive a certificate for each module. Grades awarded are Pass with Distinction, Pass with Merit, Pass or Fail.

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